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Club teams - Al-Ansar

This page contains the ID card for the players of the first team, including the personal numbers and achievements of each player, knowing that the mentioned numbers and statistics in every player's card has been modified before the start of League 2007-2008.



: Jamal Taha
: Ali Fakih
: Malek Ibrahim Hassoun
: Hassan Abbas Moghnieh
Ali Shehade
Omar Adelbi
Hassan Abbas Moghnieh
Lary Mohanna
Defense Players
Mohammed Hassan Hammoud
Ahmad Mohammed Al-Khodor
Anas Abu Saleh
Moataz Bellah Mohammed Ahmad Al-Jounaidi
Sebastian Ramos Jr.
Sami Ali Al-Shoum
Midfield Players
Mohammed Ahmad Atwe
Mohammed Baker Ayyoub
Kassem Fouad Liela
Rabih Ataya
Offense Players
Nasrat Zaki Al-Jamal
Mahmoud Mohammed Kojok
Kassem Mannaa'


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Local Achievements :
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